Thursday, May 29, 2008

Getting things set . . . We got a house!

This has been an exciting week.  Drew had his first day of work on Tuesday!  It was mainly a lot of paperwork and new employee stuff but on Tuesday he even got to see his desk!

Tuesday night we started our house search.  We found a very cute 3 bedroom home ~ and get this, it was build in 1990!  The appliances are all new within the last 2 years.  there are 2.5 bathrooms and the neighborhood is fabulous!  It is a town house with a nice yard.  We have a garage, which is too small for a car but perfect for a storage area.  It even comes with a washer and dryer which is rare for out here.  We won't have a dishwasher but, we haven't had one for a long time anyway so we are used to it.  In one of the bathrooms there is an awesome tub!  I am so excited, I want to move in today but, first I have to head up to the housing office for them to draw up our lease.  We should probably be in there within 2 weeks (granted we can get a bed by then).  We won't have our stuff yet but we will have everything we need that we have brought with us.   I don't think I will be able to post pictures until our stuff arrives because we packed our camera cord, but if we can find a new one before then I will definitely put them up!

Today I am off to get set up with a doctor.  Things are starting to get set up!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Now in England!

So after some fiasco on our flights etc. we are now here in England.  It has been great so far.  The city is really cool!  It is just plane beautiful.  Our hotel room is awesome!  You can take a virtual tour the Kimberley Hotel in Harrogate England.  We have a biday in the bathroom!  We will be there for 28 nights.

Our rental car was also at the hotel when we arrived, however, it had they key to a large van instead of the car, so the reception people took care of it and got us the right key.  Drew has been doing very well remembering all of his left side driving.

We also bought a cell phone today it can use skype and we get 4000 minutes of skype a month for free!  We still have several things to do to get settled but for right now it seems like we are on vacation!  Drew is even off on Monday because it is a British Holiday as well.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Very Special Friends...

Our friends Joe and Drew spent Thursday night working on our house without us.  We went to the temple for our last night as temple workers.  Even though Joe is on our shift he called in and said he wouldn't be able to make it so he could work on our place.  They were able to get a ton done in the four hours they were there.  They have been such a special blessing in our lives.

Moving Day...

On Wednesday the movers came.  It was a very interesting experience.  It took us several days to get things organized as to what we were going to ship and what we were going to store.  After all that work it certainly felt strange to sit around and watch the movers pack everything.  I stayed to answer any questions, we weren't allowed to pack things for liability sake so, I just sat their and waited.  After watching how much work they did, Drew and I were very grateful we don't have to do that part.  He is still working on the house morning noon and night trying to fix as much as possible before we move.  Time is ticking away but, I think things will really be ready or close to it when we leave next Thursday.

Last day of work...

Tuesday was my last day of work. It was pretty hectic. It was also hard to leave everyone. After being at Abilities Network for 5 1/2 years. Its strange to thing that I won't be there anymore. The Wednesday before I left, my coworkers surprised me with a baby shower! It was so sweet and it was just great being able to see everyone for a while. I will definitely miss it there.  I worked late and took Cassie (the great girl who is my replacement) to meet people at the Howard County Special Education Community Advisory Committee (SECAC).  I wasn't able to stay the whole time but I just wanted to introduce them to Cassie.  They surprised me with flowers , a card, and a wonderful gift card!  They are so great, it really was a wonderful way to end my last day with Abilities Network.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Busy days...

Things are coming down to the wire.  The moving company is coming Wednesday to pack us up!  We are very busy preparing.  Drew has been working extra hard.  He is working on the house as we speak.  The Wheeler clan is helping him paint and prep the bathrooms for getting new flooring on Monday.  We have also started the process of sorting through our stuff.  Once we get to England  (even though Drew will be starting his new job and we will need to find a house, car, etc.)  I think it is going to feel like a major vacation!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Changing table

My mother graciously told us she would purchase our changing table!  So, we had quite an ordeal with Babies R Us.  Apparently none of the stores close by have it in stock.  It takes up to 10 business days to ship.  The stores are also unwilling to part with their floor models (even though we are only going to need to take it 2 days before a new one would come in!).  So after trying my best I checked on ebay I prayed that something might be a good match and close enough for us to get.  I found a changing table that is new, costs 1/2 as much, is the right color and get this ~Its in Columbia, only a 15 minute drive, it was also a buy it now!  So we now have purchased the changing table and are going to pick it up tomorrow.  Sometimes blessings come in ways you don't expect!  We are very grateful that things have been going so smoothly for us ~I hope that things continue to go smoothly as we start this new chapter in our lives!

moving company

Friday the moving company got in touch with Drew.  We are going to try and schedule them to come move our stuff on May 13th.  We have been very busy but have been able to line up a lot of things.  Our cars should be taken care of.  We have a meeting with the realtor scheduled (we may even have a buyer).  We have scheduled when the flooring, painting etc. will be completed.  So now all we have to do is the work that goes along with it.  It is hard to believe it is coming so soon.  Hopefully we will be able to get everything done.