Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma!

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Birthday Festivities

It was pretty exciting to celebrate my 30th birthday this week!  I have arrived!  The big 30! On my big day Anna woke up at 6 AM (about 1 hour earlier than normal! Oh, Joy!  Then we went to mum and baby Yoga in the AM.  She took a nap while we were there (most of the babies end up falling asleep, very soothing music and a relaxing environment make napping ideal).  Anyway, after that, we came home for a while and did some things around the house.  Then we went up to base and Anna went the child development center, while I went to the gym.  This was the only part of my day which was depressing.  In the gym they had the news on (we don't get live TV at home, if we want to watch a show, we will download it).   I for one am not a big fan of watching the "news" what they put on TV is always boring.  There is plenty of news on the Internet, and usually you can get better information (in my opinion).  That being said I am usually too busy to check it out on the Internet anyway.  Back to my story, so I was at the gym and the news was on talking about the most horrible violence going on in the world.  So, I got a bit down.  Then I really wanted to go see my baby.  When I got to pick her up she had been pretty much screaming the whole time I was gone.  So, there was that.  But, then I got to go pick Drew up from work and we ventured to my birthday party.  Joan very graciously hosted my  birthday party.  She made delicious pizza and an amazing strawberry cream cake.  Drew got 30 candles too!  My friend Fiona and her two boys came over to help celebrate.  It was a great party.

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After that, I got to go home and talk to my family.  Thank you all for making my birthday great!

The final part of my birthday was tonight.  Fiona watched Anna so that Drew and I could go out on a date.  We headed down to Leeds (a city about 30 minutes from here).  We went to Leeds market, which is both an open air and in door market.  It has over 800 vendors.  It is huge!  If I had know about it when mom was out here I would have brought you guys.  I think you would have loved it.  They have EVERYTHING.  Including about 10 butchers, 10 fish mongers, loads of fruit and veg places, candy stores, food from different counties (including a south African food store!), flower shops, shoe shops, etc.  Anyway, after we wandered around there, we headed to Victoria Center, which is a very posh shopping center (the kind that doesn't put price tags on things they are so expensive) needless to say we didn't do any shopping there.  But they had a  little cafe where we got some bittersweet hot cocoa (70% cocoa) a scone and some delicious cheesecake.  What a great birthday!