Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Great week!

So we had a great week!  After the last entry we entered into a contract for selling our house!  Settlement is in June.  Now all we need is for the house to appraise and we should be good to go.  I'm  a little nervous because in the current market housing prices can be pretty low, all it takes is one foreclosed house too close to yours and the appraisal prices drop.  But, I am optimistic.  So everyone keep praying and I am confident things will work out.

In other news, we went to Leeds on Saturday to buy some white boards and a couple other items.  What a great investment!  Monday during Anna's morning nap, I was able to map out our whole week, including the goals of the week and because of that, things have gone even better than normal.  I look at the board for our meals.  I know how much time Drew needs for school each night.  I know what areas of the house we are targeting for cleaning this week, its bathrooms for anyone who is wondering and vacuuming.  Our physical goals, in bed by 10:30 and at least 3 Mudgett family walks this week.  Spiritually our focus is reading scriptures and praying daily with a focus on gratitude and repentance.  Us time, at 9 every night all of the distractions go away and we spend time in the living room talking or watching a show (almost unheard of!).   Actually we usually get to watch shows at least once a week, but since we started this we have seen an entire movie (broken up over the course of 2 nights).    When Anna is asleep and Drew is working on school I have been plowing through books this week as well.   This weekend we will be working in the garden at least part of Saturday.   Anna is also doing really well all the child development center so I am able to workout worry free.  Knowing what the week brings really makes things run smoothly.  When things run smoothly we can't help but have a great week!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A great way to start the week

Well, yesterday was a very eventful day.  First your probably think 2 posts in one week!  Yes.  That might have more to do with the fact that Anna has a cold and is napping pretty well so it gives me some time to kill, and that not too many people have been updating their blogs, so I can't spend my time catching up.  Anyway, Yesterday my camera arrived.  It was a pretty interesting few weeks so here is the story.  We had a waterproof camera.  It broke when it got filled with water (ironic, I know).  We put a claim into the insurance company (we have insurance for this kind of thing).  They set up a delivery date of the new Camera for last Monday.  All I had to do was to be home between 9 am and 5:30 pm (R you kidding me?)  That would NEVER fly in the US, but I am not missing out on wages so hey.  Well, 6 pm rolls around Monday, no camera.  Tuesday morning I call the insurance company and they said, "sorry, someone should have told you that there was a problem with yesterday but it will come today sometime between 9 am and you guessed it 5:30 pm."  Seriously, I couldn't wait around all day so I left a note which neighbors the camera could be left with etc.  Again end of the day rolls around no camera.  Wed.  I call the insurance company back, "I don't know why they told you had a delivery scheduled, the camera is on back order, it will take 7-10 business days."  ARGGG!  Friday Drew took the day off of work to get some school things taken care of, I was out and he called me on my cell phone.  The insurance company called again.  The can no longer get the camera we had as the company  is no longer going to carry it but they can give us an alternative camera.  "Is it waterproof?" "Oh, um no. But what about this other one, this one is waterproof?"  The alternative camera in question is 2 models newer than the one we had.  Awesome!  So Yesterday at 2:45 the camera was delivered!

We also had another very excited development take place on the home selling front.  We are still working out that situation, so any prayers in our behalf will be very welcome, but it looks a lot like we might find a buyer today or this week!

Well, it turned out to be a great Monday.  I've got to go, Anna just got up...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Quality time and exciting developments

Recently my visiting teacher was telling me about a book she had read a while back and she really liked it.  She said that it had helped her to figure out some things about her kids.  The book she was refering to is called the 5 Love Languages.   I had read the book years ago and decided Iwanted to read it again.

The premise of the book is that what makes one person feel loved is completely different from what makes another person feel loved.  The author has found 5 primary ways that a person feels that they are loved.  They include: words of afirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service and physical touch.  At first I thought I might be quality time then as I read I thought well, maybe acts of service or who knows.  I took the quiz at the end and I scored very high for quality time.  Drew got pretty high on that as well.  I have been blessed with a husband who really spends a lot of quality time with me so I feel  very loved!   So here is a recap of the quality time we spent this weekend.

1) We tend to do most things together.  Drew works on school work a lot so often I sit with him and read a book or go on the internet.  This was true for Friday evening.

2) Saturday, we went swimming with Anna.  It was great! I had wanted Drew to be able to come swimming with us for a while but we took the opportunity Saturday and Anna was loving it!

3) We went out to lunch after the pool.

4) Drew worked on school work and I proof read.

5) Sunday we spent time watching general conference and playing with Anna.

On the Anna front there have been some great and adorable developments of late.  The biggest and most exciting for me is something that happened on This past Thursday.

After swimming lessons Anna normally has a long nap and then goes to base to spend an hour or so at the child development center.  Well, she HATES it there.  Really she likes the center but hates being away from me.  She will literally spend the entire time screaming.  If they try to comfort her she gest more agitated.  Distraction doesn't help either.  This Thursday something clicked.  She didn't even sleep well and therefore went to the cdc very tired so I really hesitated in leaving her.  But I did.  I ran to the store for about 45 minutes.  AND she didn't cry.  She was playing happily when I got back!  I was SHOCKED and couldn't have been prouder.  Then Friday she went back and same thing, she enjoyed herself!  I am hoping that this is the end of the separation anxiety or at least the end of her separation anxiety at the CDC.   If so, it will have left as quickly as it came.  It hit right about 4 months and she is just a little older than 9 months.  I must say I felt very liberated to be able to go to the computer lab without thinking that my baby was super stressed.  Then coming back to find her happy!  Well done!

Anna is VERY close to crawling.  I really think it will start any day now.

Anna loves swimming, she isn't the biggest fan of going under the water but has never cried, not once when she has gone under.  Now she will actually hold her breath when she comes in from the side of the pool in preparation for going under! Clever girl!

Anna received her first certificate this week.  She received a certificate for learning her first sign.  She was 8 months old when she learned it.  She signs "want"  when she wants something.  She also has learned to sign milk this week as well!

As a note of interest.  Drew and I are thinking about taking a cruise next January with his parents and Anna of course.  The cruise is on NCL and it goes from Barcelona to Italy, Greece, Turkey, Malta, and Egypt.  We have been pretty excited about that and I will let you know about any developments there.  I hope everyone is well!  Happy Easter!