Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cooking dinner with my girls

Okay so tonight we had corn on the cob as part of meal.  We haven't had it in a while, Anna is our typical go to helper when we need something shucked, but here Lizzie got in on the action as well.  She did an awesome job, here they are in action

A few minutes later proved to be a bit to tempting for Lizzie, when she got to the middle she and saw the corn she considered the job done.  Please note that I did not help her at all, she got all the way to the middle by herself!  I did have to take over after this point, as you can see why.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bike Riding

Anna got her bike a few months back, check her out!

Lizzies first bike ride outside.  Please excuse the lack of helmet, we went super slow and it was kind of spur of the moment.

Sometimes you just gotta stand

Playing the recorder

Lizzie at 12 and 1/2 months

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Preschool Graduation!

Anna's Graduating Class
Anna has had an amazing year at preschool!  Here are a few pictures of things they have done.
Anna loved twirling at their play area

here is her showing what she planted in their garden
a picture from the graduation slideshow, just a car they all rode in one day

Here is what happened on Friday:

our graduate!
With Louise, the head of the preschool
With another teacher Sarah, whom she talks about a lot!
With another great teacher Liz
having fun with her friends after the ceremony

Anna enthralled with the Grandma Classic story at the Darley Mill where we went out for Lunch to celebrate the big day

After the graduation, there was a "farmers Market" at the  commissary and Anna  got her face painted , tropical

Although she didn't get to come to the graduation, she  looks super cute with her face painting and  this was our last stop, the library

Sunday, July 8, 2012

More of Anna's Birthday Celebrations

Well, Anna had a birthday in the middle of the week, so she got to have a party, which we have already seen, she got to celebrate with preschool which we have already seen and then she had a family dinner with the extended family later in the week.  On her real birthday Lizzie and Anna and I had a good time but, Drew, Grandma, and Grandpa were all away, so it was good to have a dinner together!
Actual on her birthday Crepes

Grandma's package finally arrives!

Check out my new stacking cups, Thanks Grandma and PopPop
Cupcake kit, Just in time!
The artist at work, Anna actually make everything, she broke the eggs, put everything in the bowl and mixed it, I did help measure and mix a little

cupcake kit in action

Final Birthday dinner, Aunt Fiona's gift an art kit

Fiona's gift put straight to use

Group Photo

Ewan showing the lovely place Anna Chose for her project

The girls admiring her art work

Pj Time

The month of Birthday celebrations over, we had a nice time enjoying the fireworks from the base from  right outside our house!

Our Anniversary in London!

Joan watched the girls all day as we ventured to London for our anniversary (and Drew's Dr. appointment)

make good use of train time , we played Yatzi and watched shows

we took a cab to his appointment to maximize our time

yep, it minimized our funds

the restaurant I found on line was closed, but we stumbled upon this "pub"

Not so much a pub when you read the menu

Our fabulous cous cous salad, we also go two mini burgers, such a yummy lunch!

We were a little early to the appointment so we played rummy 500

After the appointment we hopped onto a bus

went to the tower bridge 

walked by the Tower of London

guess where the "B" goes

ready for the olympics

looking for directions to our next meal

Dim Sum

I'm there

so is Drew

our first course

our second course

isn't he cute!

we even got dessert, an anniversary miracle!

cheers, please note the lack of kids!


kissing while taking a picture, that's talent!

Tower Bridge on our walk along the Thames

Random Piano waiting for the playing, it was raining so I didn't play much!
The Shard

The little dot is a man!

I wonder where this was "borrowed" from?

Yep lots of rain.  After 3 miles in the rain, we made it to our Final stop, Chipotle, Drew wanted lunch for Tuesday!

Underground ride to Kings Cross

The pretty side of St. Pancras Station, I had never been to this side, it is beautiful

Yep, I'm workin it

All of that and we made it back to Kings Cross with time to spare, our platform wasn't even listed yet!
The view from our parking space at Leeds station

A little nap on the ride home, You thought taking a picture whilst kissing was tough