Saturday, September 22, 2012

Summer Photo Roundup

A Glimps into our future

We were able to go see David Gorman perform and meet him!

We took Trips to the reservior to feed the ducks

It was a bit gray but a lot of fun

Anna and Lizzie playing at our greeat friends the Anderson's house

Anna is becoming a wall climbing expert

One of our family walks, we do get sun here

Our garden bounty

Drew's got this covered, I got to carry the camera, nice and light

Anna and her friend Winter brushing the pigs at the local farm park

Big Girls in baby swings

Born to be wild

These girls can climb

Anna being brave and touching a baby chick, this is huge for her!

maybe she was born to be a farmer

hay maze

the girls and some animal friends

nice way to end our journey


the closest ice cream farm about 3 miles away opened up their tea room!

watching a movie

a story

teeth brushing

off to bed as winter's parents picked her up late

We went to a pick your own farm and our friends pulled up right when we arrived!

Lizzie picking some

Fun times at the farm

bouncy castle at Drew's work bbq

Olypics at church, bike race!

Lizzie may have need a little help

Anna and her friend in a 3 legged race

Beautiful rainbow, we see them moften but if you look closely it is double rainbow

Painting nails with a friend

Lizzie's first time on the back of Daddy's bike

Run for your life!

We build some amazing lego creations, our robot

explored the children's centre, in a spacey tent


Planting or garden

working together

it was a bit messy

the girls were a lot of "help"

the local park (could maybe uses a mowing)

a never ending race, it was a tie if your are wondering

first trip to the eye doctor, great vision

picking the wild black berries on our evening walks near our house

strollin' together

finding mroe blackberries

the woods near our house returning from the creek

Anna ran all that way all for getting a bonus blackberry!

an end to the journey

we got the ole car out, it is still living in our front room

we made some hairy hot dogs which are fabulouos btw

Drew was putting Lizzie to sleep, he gave up and just went to sleep himself, this is how I found them, she is like squating

So we did loads of stuff had lots of fun and I can't wait to have Anna back home for her half term holiday week, but I am enjoying the one to one time with Lizzie who is learning and developing and is a really fun girl.  A fun girl who is bursting with excitement and says "nanna nanna" and crawls quickly to the door when I say it is time to go pick her up.  She sure loves her big sister and misses her loads, we both do!