Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Half term holidays fun!

  This past week was Anna's "half term holidays."  Half term is a week children get off from school when you guessed it they are halfway through the term.  School is pretty much year round although they do get "summer Holidays" for the month of August and sometimes the last week of July.  I love half term holidays because they are a great break for Anna and a lot of fun times to spend together.  Drew took Friday off from work and we ventured to Knowsley Safari (nice name).  We saw all kinds of cool things there.  It was about 2 hours from our house and we ended up getting a membership.  We are planning on going back during the Easter holiday break!

                                             A Rhea greeted us on arrival!
No shyness here
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                                          Anna and Lizzie pictured with their baboon friends!
Our favorite by far were the baboons!  They were all over our car. 
Anna was allowed to help drive for a while
a gift from the baboons!

a friendly camel blocked our way

Elephants were Anna's favorite!

Anna liked the peacock although it did make her nervous

we all rode the carousel

Anna rode on the mini pirate ship it was fun
Bonus we got some hot chocolate because it was SO cold!

Awesome ice cream at Tr afford Center where we stopped for dinner on the way home

Lizzie and I got ice cream as well ours were a bit smaller, here we are doing our daily cheer for treats!

the random singing bears that captured Lizzie's attention in Trafford Center in Manchester

On Saturday we decided to try our hand at making cheese as we went to the cheese museum with Stephanie and the twins.  Here is the process in action!
adding some rennet

getting the thermometer ready

stretching the cheese

putting our mozzarella balls in water to cool

Anna made the caprese salad

our finished product

we made pizza on Sunday night to use the remainder of our mozerrella

Lizzie put all of the dough she helped kneed in her mouth, it was a lot!

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